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My name is Irina Kukolkina. I'm an artist. I live and work in Russia.
I"m delighted to take part in such a wonderful and innovative project as Platin Hero. And I'd like to support the crowdfunding concept by suggesting a new series of paintings I'm going to create this year as a project. The name of the project is the Women of the World. This is a series of portraits and genre
paintings that I'd like to show in different countries. Art brings people together. And our world is very fragile. Today's situation, when everything is closed, accentuates that.
Let me briefly introduce myself. More detailed information can be found on my website and on the website of the Verba Art project, which I've been cooperating with for many years.
I paint with oil on canvas, and I also like to use pastels. This technique is very gentle and beautiful. I'd say it's very soulful.
At the beginning of my career, I took part in the restoration of the Grand Kremlin Palace. This was an ambitious project, well known internationally. There I learned a lot from the experienced and acknowledged experts – masters in their field. In order to recreate something, you need to understand a lot, to find out the way the masters worked in the past. Working on this project, I acquired a lot of knowledge, learned many things, and gained valuable experience.
For twenty years, I've created many different artworks. And I have a lot of ideas for the future, including the project I'd like to create this year together with you.
Its implementation requires 50 thousand euros. This amount will be used for creation of specific styles and characters, work with models, implementation of creative ideas, and organization of international exhibitions.
I will very much appreciate your support.
As a gift, contributors will receive my artworks.
The first three sponsors of the Women of the World project who will contribute the largest amounts will receive my original works in pastels, properly framed or mounted. All paintings have certificates of
The first ten sponsors of the project, who will contribute more than 500 euros, will receive prints on canvas with certificates of authenticity. These prints are very valuable, as they are printed in a limited edition and have a high collector value.
The other sponsors will receive collectible postcards with my signature. These are also valuable items.
But the most important gift for my supporters will undoubtedly be the implementation of this interesting creative project. The project that will become possible thanks to the innovative Platin Hero system. And here's one more surprise. The first work of my series will be a painting, which will include the names of all the sponsors of the Women of the World project. This painting will be the first to
display in our exhibitions.
Feel free to contact me. My contact details are available on my website and on the website of the Verba Art project.
You're always welcome to order my paintings and posters.
Join our project! Support us. Together, we'll create beautiful works of art and great exhibition projects, and will show them all around the world. Besides, thus we'll share information on the Platin Hero project, thanks to which we have such a wonderful opportunity to create.
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